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Personal care & a high professional to client ratio

AC Wellness Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre

We have now relocated to Port Shepstone, Sunwich Port to a beautiful and Serene area. AC wellness is a private specialist clinic in substance abuse - with a difference. The clinic and its surrounds offer an environment that resonates with healing and recovery.
We understand and care what you and your family are experiencing with addiction. Ac Wellness is dedicated to providing the most effective professional treatment and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addiction and dependency.
Our specialist team includes a psychologist, an occupational therapist, spiritual counsellors, a general practitioner, a referring psychiatrist, a life coach and experienced and caring nursing team.
Our personal care and high professional to client ratio enable Ac Wellness to give each person the individual care that they need to maintain and bring change. We are able to keep our groups small and intimate.


We offer the latest medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms and control cravings as you enter recovery. Combined with counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy, this is the most effective treatment approach available today.

Our In Patient program Our strong emphasis is on Medical Detox followed by an intensive psycho-social program.


However Ac wellness does offer out-patient or various combinations of both in and out-patient services, according to patients’ limitations of time due to work, family or financial constraints.
With help from Ac Wellness you will get through your detox comfortably and safely. Once you begin anti-craving medications and relapse-prevention therapy, you will be ready to rebuild your life comfortable and eliminate your cravings.
It takes one step towards recovery …. Why don’t you take that step today, we are here to help you every step of the way.

AC Wellness Treatment Centre Gallery

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