Personal Addiction Checklist

Do you think you might have a problem with addiction?

The Following self-assessments are a personal checklist designed to assist clients in recognizing the signs and symptoms of addiction /dependency.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, it might mean that you have a problem which requires professional help.

AC Wellness offers a free , no obligation one-on-one assessment to assist you in making the correct choice.

Other People's Comments?

Do other people’s comments about your drinking or drug use anger you?

Is It All You Think About?

Are you pre-occupied with thoughts of drinking or drug use?

Socially Unacceptable?

Do you drink or use drugs at socially unacceptable times or in socially unacceptable situations?

Using To Cope?

Do you drink or use drugs to relieve tension, calm your nerves or to make you feel ‘better’ ?

Feeling Guilty?

Do you feel guilty about your drinking or drug use?

Secretive & Alone?

Do you drink or use drugs alone or in secret?

Failed At Cutting Down?

Have you tried to cut down on your drinking or drug use but failed?

Social Avoidance?

Do you avoid social situations where you cannot drink or use drugs?

Losing It All?

Have you risked losing your job or family because of your alcohol or drug use?

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